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Wedding Services

We provide a cost-effective solution to weddings, focusing on taking the stress away by hassle-free services that allow you to enjoy the experience of your special moment, while never sacrificing quality.

Here’s something we want to share with our observations from shooting several weddings.

  1. The happy couple rarely has enough time on their wedding day to soak up all the important memories they are making because of the hectic schedule they are under.
  2. Weddings are expensive. And expensive means stress on a day that you should be enjoying to the fullest.

We decided that it’s time to change the norm and offer these brand-new families a simple way to capture their special day in a way that keeps the focus where it should be. That’s why I offer affordable wedding packages that leave you more time to make more memories.

If you are looking for an affordable option, are laid-back, and are looking for a flexible photography experience.

Bumblebee – $900

  • 2 Hours of continuous coverage
  • Online downloadable gallery

Honeybee – $1600

  • 4 hours of continuous coverage
  • Online downloadable gallery
  • Rehearsal

Killerbee – $2800

  • 6 hours of continuous coverage Engagement shoot
  • Online downloadable gallery
  • Rehearsal
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